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File your 2022 Tax Return with ease!

$25 Flat Rate For All Taxpayers

File at your own pace

Simply sign up and start.

Feel good for what you are spending

No hidden fees or additional charges.

Finish the process by e-filing your return

E-filing is the fasted and most secure way to deliver your tax return.

Goodbye, guessing games. Feel-good filing is just $25, no matter how complex your finances are.

The Feel-Good Tax Company

You've worked hard enough for your money. Filing your taxes should be the easy part.

Feel good knowing it's done right, on time, and for one honest, simple price of $25.


We Make It Easy

We let you know what kind of info to have on hand before you get started. Then, we walk you through our simplified forms and run calculations ourselves – no math homework for you!

We Go At Your Pace

It’s not a race. You can stop and start again at any point and your information and progress is saved. Getting started is the easy part. Finishing, well, that’s also the easy part.

We Simplify Pricing

No bait and switch pricing tricks or gimmicks. No ‘gotchas’ for extra forms. Just one honest price of $25, no matter the forms or needs of your situation. That’s how we roll. Feels good, doesn’t it?

Let's Get Started

Truly simple tax filing is here to stay.

Get all the best online tax-filing features at one flat-rate price. You’re going to love it.

Let's Get Started

Three steps is all it takes.

We’ve been in taxes a long time.

Over the past 40 years, our team has worked to build a tax filing software company that tax professionals rave about. With 1040.com, we’re making that service available to anyone who wants to file their taxes online. We believe that everyone should have access to a simple, affordable tax-filing experience—from a single mother in Boise, Idaho to a young creative in Brooklyn, New York to a retired couple in Asheville, North Carolina.


Crafted our first professional-grade income tax software in 1977


Helped pioneer electronic tax filing in 1986


Develop professional software used in 60,000+ tax offices nationwide


Processed over 150 million tax returns in the last 10 years via online and professional products

What People Are Saying


''Really easy to navigate. The guide is very helpful. It made my tax filing experience great. It gives you e-file status along with a link to check on the status of your refund. I highly recommend 1040.com.''

Bobby Mulholland

''The Premier Tax Filing Service. The 1040.com service is very professional and was easy to complete. Thank you very much for offering this valuable internet service.''


''Excellent Program. As always, 1040.com makes filing painless and easy. So grateful for this program.''


''My favorite Tax website of all time. I have been using this for I think 6 years now and they literally get better every year. From user interface to ease of use, this is the website to use hands down.''


''Quick and easy with no hidden fees. Highly recommend especially easy for this year with all the changes to EIC.''

Corie M

''Great flat rate tax returns with no hidden fees. And their help line was good. Highly recommended site!! ''

With us, it’s easy to file taxes on the go too – we’re 100% mobile friendly. Exciting, right?

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